Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's been.......awhile!

Just thought I would update our blog with the family pictures we had taken in October of 2011. I am going to try and update more regularly but ever since our little Kameryn (she's now one) has joined the family it's been a little crazy busy around here!!

The Little family
Our beautiful girls




Monday, October 18, 2010

Maddie's soccer

Well since last soccer season was a complete waste because it was pretty unorganized and Maddie just wasn't in to it we decided to try a different league, and well pretty much same disorganization, maybe worse actually, but Maddie is much more competitive this time around. Her poor "coach" I don't think has ever played and probably never even watched a soccer game before. It makes for some interesting games when we're doing throw-in's on the goal line in place of goal kicks and corner kicks...I try to get over it because I refused to volunteer myself because one I'm very pregnant at the moment and two I wanted Maddie to have a coach other then myself or Seth so she would be more likely to listen. Well, Seth has stepped up and usually asks the "coach" if she wants help and he ends up doing all the coaching which even though it's not what we intended, it is much better off this way! So here are some pictures of our future soccer star:
Bailee is also quite the soccer fan. She loves to dribble and LOVES to cheer on her big sister, it's pretty cute!
It took her quite a while to actually get into this position. She must have fell off the ball ten times before she got it to stop moving, she was pretty proud.
Maddie in action.

Doing some pre-game drills.

I forgot to mention earlier their team name...pumkin monsters. Seriously that is some
bright orange!

San Diego Zoo Trip

Well a couple of months ago Seth had to go to San Diego for a conference for work so we decided to make it a family trip since the hotel was paid for...it was a quick trip so we only had time to go to San Diego Zoo, I wanted to go to Sea World but we found tickets on Craigslist for the zoo for half the price so we decided to go there instead. The girls LOVED it! They are both kind of like animals so when Maddie asked where we were going on told her to see her other siblings...she didn't really get the joke but seriously she pretends to be an animal ALL the time! It's pretty funny.

One of Maddie's favorite parts of the trip was seeing the big cats.
Bailee loved the elephants.
More big cat photo ops.
Waiting for the lions to get fed, as soon as we left they of course fed them.
The sign for the big cats trail, Maddie was SO excited.
Outside the hotel, it was so pretty there.
Bailee saying "cheese"

View from the hotel room.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Maddies first day of Kindergarten

This week Maddie started Kindergarten. I wasn't sure how it was going to go when we dropped her off because she kept saying how she was a little nervous...Needless to say she was fine! As soon as she saw the playground she was happy as she could be. Now when I drop her off I let her just get out of the car and run up all by herself and she thinks she's pretty awesome! When I went to pick her up after the first day and I asked her how it went she couldn't stop saying how BORING it was, looks like it's going to be a LONG few years for her, haha!
Maddie found her name tag.

Waiting in line to go into the classroom.
So embarrassed that I'm standing there taking her picture that she was covering her face...
Still embarrassed...
Bailee not so happy about Maddie going to school today.
Such a big girl.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Shoes

I took Maddie shopping for her new school shoes last week, and she insisted that we get these shoes. I have always hesitated to get shoes with ties because then I have to tie them, I know totally lazy! So I told her you can't wear ties to kindergarten unless you know how to tie them. So she said she would learn, and she actually did. It was pretty amazing, she learned fairly quick and most importantly I don't have to tie them, haha!

Duck Creek Camping Trip

Two weeks ago we decided to go on a family camping trip to Duck Creek. It was SO nice to get out of the heat of Las Vegas for a weekend! The kids all LOVED it. Everyday in Vegas Maddie asks me, mom, when is this weather going to end?! She is sick of the heat just like all the rest of us. Needless to say the weather was so great. It rained a little bit but was welcomed by all of us who came from the extreme heat! Warning: there are a lot of pictures, sorry...

All the grandkids.
Miss Bailee sitting on the BIG chair.
The Little family and our tent.
Pretty picture.

Pictures from the hike.

I was absent on the hike because the little kids fell asleep in the car.
Seth's fishing action shot.
Seriously on his first cast he caught a women's sandal, so funny!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Maddie's 5th Birthday!

This year Maddie turned five years old. I still can't believe it! It's amazing how time flies. She is going to be going to kindergarten this year and we're all pretty excited about that, haha! She is such a big helper with her little sister...although she is five so she definately has her moments! We love you Maddie!

Maddie had a hard time deciding what "kind" of birthday to have but she finally settled on
Toy Story 3.
Opening some presents.
Showing them off.
Blowing out her candle.